James Rae - Trance DJ & Producer


Here you'll find a complete back catalogue of tracks produced by James Rae, with links to listen and buy




James Rae - Compliance  [Discover White Label]


Red Carpet - Alright (Mark Landragin & James Rae Remix)  [CD-R]


James Rae - Orion  [Discover White Label]

Mark Landragin & James Rae On The Inside  [Blue Soho]


Artra & Holland Memories (James Rae Remix)  [Cloudland Music]

Mark Landragin & James Rae The Hub  [Blue Soho]

Mark Landragin & James Rae The Hub (James Rae Remix)  [Blue Soho]

Samvel To Forget Everything (James Rae Remix)  [Nu Communicate]


DJ Ives M & DJ T.H. Celebrate Trance (James Rae Remix)
[Vectiva Recordings]


Andy Woldman Forget to Remember (James Rae Remix)
[Cloudland Music]


Chris Baker Overdrive (James Rae Remix)  [Mindlifting Records]


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2010 James Rae

James Rae is a London based UK Trance DJ and producer