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In this section you'll find information and photos on the setup used to compose and produce all James Rae tracks and remixes




This is where I spend most of my time making tracks/remixes and even doing a spot of engineering and film music. It's based around a quad-core Pentium 4 PC running Cubase and an Edirol/Roland UA-1000 (10 input/10 output) audio interface feeding Event TR8 studio monitors. The M-Audio Keystation Pro is my keyboard of choice, with full size piano (88 key) layout and a plethora of MIDI controls, including DAW transport buttons. My go to synths are Sylenth and Massive, with support from the Native Instruments Komplete pack and some sample packs from Freshly Squeezed Samples. The last few remainig bits of hardware that I stubbonly refuse to get rid of still remain, mainly an Akai S3000XL and an SPL Vitalizer. A 24" widescreen monitor is my preference for DAW work (rather than a dual display setup) due to the horizontal orientation of the software and my belief that monitor setups should be based around an odd number (1 or 3 or 5) to ensure a full screen is presented to the centre of view, rather than the frame edges of 2 screens occupying the centre of vision. The award for ultimate multi-screen DAW setup, in a case that displays my 'odd number rule' perfectly, goes to Hans Zimmer.

James Rae Studio - Cubase Trance setup1


Composing & Production

Quad Core PC
Edirol UA-1000 (10 in/out @ 24bit 96khz)
Event TR 8 (powered bi-amped reference monitors)
M-Audio Keystation Pro 88
Steinberg Cubase

Steinberg Midex 8
AKAI S3000 XL (still going strong!)
Native Instruments Battery
Lennar Digital Sylenth1
Native Instruments Komplete
Native Instruments Komplete Synths
Korg Legacy
Korg NX5R
Nord Rack
Novation V-Station
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Superwave Trance Pro
Superwave Performer
Superwave Pro
ReFX Vanguard

Engineering, Mixing & Mastering

PSP Mixpack
PSP Stereo Pack
SPL Vitalizer
TC Electronic Finaliser
Waves C4
Waves L2
Izoptope Ozone 
Sony Sound Forge Pro


2 x Technics 1210 decks
2 x Pioneer CDJ-800Mk2 CD decks
Pioneer DJM-600


Behringer Eurorack Pro
Behringer Ultrapatch Pro
Sony Minidisc deck
Philips Audio CD recorder
Twin deck CD player

James Rae Studio - Cubase Trance setup3


James Rae Studio - Cubase Trance setup2



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James Rae is a London based UK Trance DJ and producer